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American Media Productions/ Legal Services Division
American Media Productions...we were one of the first video production companies in North Carolina to produce a video deposition of an expert witness and play it back in a N.C. Superior Courtroom.  
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Today...Judges, Juries, Clients, Insurance Companies, Mediators, Arbitrators, Case-Review Experts, Witnesses, and Legal Staff are extremely video literate.  AMP delivers the HD broadcast quality video and audio production viewed daily on their personal televisions, computers, and mobile devices. 

We are one of the largest producers of legal videos in North Carolina.  Our Legal Services Divisions incorporates the HD production and post-production equipment used in our Agency and Production divisions to produce on-location video depositions, "day-in-the-life-of" presentations, video settlement
brochures, mock-jury trials, as well as accident and crime scene re-creations. 

Need a quick turnaround of a redacted video deposition after motions in limine?  No Problem.  Have a video deposition with "green and purple
witnesses" and muffled audio?  No Problem.  We have years of experience in video enhancement and color correction...incorporating the latest
hardware and software for video and audio remix, clean-up, and enhancement (including telephone recordings, wires, and hidden recording devices).   

We have been qualified as Experts in U.S. District and North Carolina Superior Courts.

Ask about our IACRB Certified Computer Forensics Services.

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