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About American Media Productions
CONGRATULATIONS!  You have just logged-on an interesting and fun website!  

NO JOKE...we don't have Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, or Words With Friends...but we 
do have some cool information that can help MAKE YOU MONEY.      

SO HERE'S SOME BACKGROUND...we're located in Morehead City...on North Carolina's
Crystal Coast.  Since 1984, we've been been producing spot-on (no pun intended) 
television, print, billboards, point-of-sale, and advertising campaigns that have made 
BIG BUCKS for our clients.  CAN YOU SAY KA-CHING?

Our Facilities and Services are unique...a Full-Service Advertising Agency with in-house 
HD production and post-production studios. 

Sony, Panasonic, and Cannon professional HD Cameras with Adobe Premier
Pro CS6 and Apple Final Cut Pro HD editing suites...knock-your-socks-off broadcast
digital equipment and proprietary software.

AMP Legal Services Division...complete video and audio services for Law Firms.
On-Location Video Depositions, Day-In-The-Life-Of Presentations, Video Settlement
Brochures, Accident Scene Still Photography and Video, Animated Accident and Crime
Scene Re-Creation, Video/Audio Enhancement and Recovery, Mock-Jury Trials, and more...


Email or call us...Just one more thing you can check off your "TO DO LIST"    
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